Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2021

Best weighted blankets – do they work and can they help anxiety?

While you should of course be going to see your GP if you’re plagued by regular anxiety, there are some products out there that can help to relax the mind and body. One that has been gaining popularity as a way to switch off and get to sleep is the weighted blanket. If you’re wondering how on earth a blanket can help you with anxiety, so were we.

Express spoke to leading psychologist and mindfulness expert, as well as resident sleep expert at Simba, Hope Bastine, to help us understand how these blankets work and what exactly they can help with.

While research in this area is still in its infancy, Bastine says “there is burgeoning evidence suggesting being enveloped in a heavy cocoon can lower anxiety and stress levels.”

The weighted blanket works as Deep Pressure Therapy, which Bastine defines as “a sensation we experience when we are hugged, squeezed, stroked, or simply held.

The blanket counters stress by helping your nervous system switch from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and relax’.

The concept is based on the sensory integration theory used by occupational therapists to reduce stress and anxiety.”

People who suffer from anxiety know how hard it can be to get to sleep at night.

Bastine recommends weighted blankets as a possible solution, advising that the blankets can “reduce anxiety and stress levels thereby allowing us to settle down for a nice night’s sleep.”

If you think a weighted blanket may be just what you need to help you relax and switch off before you fall asleep, here are six of the best versions for sale in the UK.

The weighted blanket recommended by Bastine herself, this blanket uses thousands of weighted glass nano-beads to help you feel relaxed and grounded, helping to soothe a racing mind and assist you in falling asleep.

The super-soft exterior makes this blanket feel like a big hug and stimulates the aforementioned Deep Pressure Therapy, calming you down deeply.

The 100 percent cotton cover is machine washable as well as breathable so it keeps you cool as you sleep.

Weight: 6.8kg or 9kg

RRP: £169

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Single sized for individual use, this blanket has been made with hypoallergenic cotton for breathability and comfort, making sure you don’t get too warm during the night.

Weight: 6.8kg

RRP: £54.99

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Using seven layers of fabric technology and diamond stitching, this weighted blanket keeps the glass beads evenly distributed for extra comfort.

Weight: 7.2kg

RRP: £59.99

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Engineered to help you get to sleep using Deep Touch Therapy and proven to increase serotonin and melatonin, this weighted blanket comes in a beautiful shade of dusty pink.

Weight: 8kg

RRP: £30

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The perfect solution for someone who struggles to switch off at night, this blanket can relieve anxiety symptoms and calm the body which results in a deeper sleep.

Weight: 15kg

RRP: £86.99

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With evenly distributed glass beads and super soft microfibre, this warm yet breathable blanket feels like a comforting hug, which results in a deeper sleep.

Weight: 9kg

RRP: £39.99

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