Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

Kate Middleton news: Duchess uses ‘less traditional’ parenting tricks with children

Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, also 38, are both senior members of the Royal Family. Since having children, Kate has spoken openly about her experiences with parenthood. What techniques does she use?

Kate and Prince William are the parents of Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

The Duke and Duchess have spoken about giving their children a normal upbringing despite being in a high-profile family.

This means the young royals are usually left at home when Kate and Prince William step out in public.

When the family has been seen out together, the Duchess appears to have a different parenting style from other royals.

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The Duchess of Cambridge is happy to show her children public affection, according to parenting expert and managing director at Kiddies Kingdom Mohammed Patel.

He told “In the past it would be unheard of for a royal parent to kneel down to their child at a public engagement.

“However, showing this kind of affection to her three children has become the norm for Kate.

“When one of her children becomes distressed or upset in public, her calm and relaxed nature becomes apparent as she only has to crouch by their side to reassure them.”


The expert claimed that, traditionally, royal parents would not be as hands on while in public.

Kate, on the other hand, seems happy to make parenting decisions based on what is best for her family rather than what has been done before.

This is something she could continue to do as the children get older, the expert added.

“As her children grow up, it’s likely Kate will treat them as equals and not tower over them as a figure to be feared,” Mohammad said.

While Kate and Prince William are sure to take note of some of these, the expert explained how Kate is creating her own style.

He added: “She is moving away from royal traditions, creating her own style that is in line with both her own values and today’s society.

“Above all, Kate is a mother we can relate to. She is raising her children to be respectful, but most importantly, happy and loved.”

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