Published On: Fri, May 22nd, 2020

Katy Perry v Orland Bloom net worth 2020: Astounding fortune the celebrity couple have

Katy Perry is best known as a singer and judge on America’s Got Talent. She is engaged to British actor Orlando Bloom, 43, and they are expecting their first child together. What are their net worths?

However, it did not do all that well and she went on to adopt her stage name Katy Perry, and began working with different producers.

In 2007, the singer signed with Capitol Records and had her big break with the album One of the Boys.

This was sure to have earned her a huge sum of money with the album selling seven million copies worldwide.

Katy’s success continued with the release of her third album, Teenage Dream, which came out in 2010.


From this album, five tracks topped the US Billboard Hot 100 making her the first female artist to do this.

When releasing new music, the singer topped up her bank balance with worldwide tours to accompany new music.

Following her Teenage Dream tour, Katy released the autobiographical film Katy Perry: Part of Me, which featured clips from the tour.

In 2019, Forbes magazine dubbed her the highest paid woman in music after reportedly earning a whopping £821,000 a night during Witness: The Tour in 2018.

While the first film grossed more than £82million in the US alone, the actor was paid just £143,000 for his role.

Orlando has added to his fortune with roles in films including Troy, Kingdom of Heaven and the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

He reprised the role of Legolas in parts two and three of The Hobbit series.

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