Audio of impulse Cleo was rescued

    West Australian military have expelled audio of a impulse detectives discovered Cleo Smith and she spoken a now famous words: “My name is Cleo.”

    Cleo was allegedly taken from a family tent while camping during Quobba Blowholes on Oct 16 and was discovered only before 1am on Wednesday when detectives stormed into a Carnarvon house.

    In an audio shave expelled by a WA Police Force, an officer is listened twice saying: “We’ve got her.”

    Another officer afterwards says: “Hey, bubby.”

    As one officer gives instruction to move a camera into a room, another says: “I’ve got you, bubby.”

    Cleo is asked 3 times before she reveals her name.

    “M-my name is Cleo,” she says in a clip.

    “Your name is Cleo,” one of a officers replies, while another one says: “Hello, Cleo.”

    A third officer again says: “You’re all right, bubby.”

    Cleo Smith with her silent Ellie outward their home on Thursday. Picture: AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

    Cleo Smith with her silent Ellie outward their home on Thursday. Picture: AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

    Premier Mark McGowan visited Carnarvon on Thursday, holding dual teddies — one for Cleo and a other for her younger sister Isla.

    “Cleo was a pleasant small girl, who was personification in a backyard and we gave her a dual teddies, that we named,” he told reporters.

    “It was a poetic knowledge to accommodate her. She was, we thought, unequivocally good practiced deliberation and a family were unequivocally elegant of all that has been finished for them,” he said.

    “They’re … essentially decent, honest tellurian beings … they’re unequivocally poetic people and it’s good to accommodate them and acknowledge what they’ve been through.

    “Obviously, there’ll be a approach to go from here though they’re positively on a right pathway.”

    Mr McGowan serve described Cleo as a “very bright, upbeat, honeyed small girl”.

    “She’s only bubbly, playing, friendly, sweet,” he said.

    A 36-year-old male is in control and is being questioned by police. No charges have been laid.

    Adorable initial print of Cleo emergesWA

    Adorable initial print of Cleo emerges

    A smiling Cleo Smith has been photographed in her mother’s arms outward a family home in Carnarvon.