Eternals actor Lauren Ridloff on turning into superhero Makkari: ‘At that moment, it started to feel so real’

Ridloff was earlier known for zombie drama series, The Walking Dead. In Eternals, she creates history by portraying the first speech and hearing impaired superhero in MCU’s history.

While speaking to, she described how it felt like putting on the costume for the first time. She explained that it was a rather slow process as it began with small pieces of the suit that would be tested first. “They would create sleeves, and then they would create the boots and then we would try the boots on. And so it was little by little… we weren’t really able to see the whole suit together.”

And then, one day it came together. “At that moment, it did start to feel so real,” Ridloff said. “I was able to get a group picture with all the designers. I gathered them together. Because those people are really responsible for such a huge part of the film. They deserve a lot of credit.”

Eternals is scheduled to be released on November 5.

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