Published On: Wed, Jun 23rd, 2021

Full Moon spiritual meaning: How will tomorrow’s Strawberry Moon affect your horoscope?

The sixth Full Moon of the year will appear on Thursday evening, June 24. Traditionally, this Full Moon arrives under the guise of the Strawberry Moon or the Rose Moon. But you may also recognise it as the Hot Moon, the Honey Moon or the Mead Moon – peculiar names linked to historical and cultural time-keeping traditions.

In astronomical terms, the Full Moon will appear when the Sun and Moon are perfectly aligned – a 180-degree Opposition.

This will happen at 7.39pm BST but the Moon should already look plenty full to the naked eye even tonight (June 23).

In terms, the Strawberry Moon will appear tomorrow opposite the Cancer Sun in the sign of Sagittarius the Archer.

Full Moons are said to be a culmination of all the events that were set into motion at the start of a New Moon.

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After all, New Moons mark the end of one lunar cycle and the start of the next.

Full Moons, therefore, are the halfway point when the Sun’s rays fully illuminate the lunar globe – from our point of view on Earth at least.

Seeds that were planet two weeks ago are bound to bear fruit and something good is about to come your way.

Equally though, trouble could be brewing just around the corner if you have unresolved issues weighing heavily on your mind.

The key to surviving a Full Moon’s crescendo is to brace yourself and expect the unexpected.

The 2011 book Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny describes the Full Moon as a “time of blossoming”.

Even someone typically not affected by the Moon’s venture through the lunar cycle is bound to feel the energies around them.

Author Raven Kaldera wrote: “The Moon ‘comes into its own’, as it were, and shines brightly.

“If the Moon is strongly aspected in the chart, however, it is so powerful that it has a tendency to want to force the individual into being a sort of avatar of that Moon sign, a living archetype rather than a full human with depth.

“This may be, in a roundabout way, the connection with ‘lunacy’.”

On a spiritual level, the Moon is said to represent everything that goes on deep inside of you.

Astrologers believe the Moon rules over your emotions, your dreams and your desires.

A Full Moon will, therefore, highlight the parts of your life that you may typically keep hidden from the outside world.

This is in stark contrast to the Sun, which rules over every aspect of your outer life.

In the 2016 book, Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles, author Yasmin Boland said the Moon is also associated with parenting, mothers, memories, feminity and nourishment.

The Moon also shares links with witchcraft, domestic life, childhood, feeding and home.

Ms Boland wrote: “When you start to get in tune with the Moon’s cycles, you start to connect with the cosmos and nature.

“We 21st century humans tend to be quite disconnected from the latter.”

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