Home and Away stalker’s legal win

A Melbourne woman convicted of pretending to be Home And Away star Lincoln Lewis to troll victims has had a legal win.

Lydia Abdelmalek was facing six charges including stalking, sending menacing messages, and disobeying bail conditions between May 2020 and April 2021.

The 31-year-old faced court charged with the offences in May this year where police alleged she formed an “obsession” with a woman who worked in a store and repeatedly harassed her online using fake accounts.

But the latest charges have been struck out at the Heidelberg Magistrates Court.

Lydia Abdelmalek leaving Melbourne County Court. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Sarah Matray

The Melbourne woman was previously convicted in June 2019 on six counts of stalking after police accused her of making false social media profiles including of TV heart-throb Lewis.

She sent cruel messages, using fake accounts to troll the women with barrages of messages calling them “slut” and saying things like, “when are you going to kill yourself”.

Ms Abdelmalek is appealing the convictions in the County Court.

Actor Lincoln Lewis before he appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Picture: Scott Powick