Published On: Wed, Apr 7th, 2021

ISA offer: New ‘best-buy” deal launched for 2021/22 tax year – everything you need to know | Personal Finance | Finance

“Choosing one of our ‘ISA Wallet’ accounts gives savers the option to split their allowance across a number of our products, which is a great option for people wanting to use some of their ISA allowance as a ‘rainy day’ fund while locking the rest away in a fixed rate.

“We offer a broad range of saving products to suit all requirements that are straightforward to open and manage, and we will continue to look at ways we can innovate to offer great saving solutions for our customers.”

As it stands, there are four main types of ISAs available and the £20,000 yearly limit can be split across them.

This means savers can invest in cash, stocks and shares, innovative finance and Lifetime accounts for the year ahead.

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