It’s A Wrap, The Big Bang Theory Shoots Final Episode

After 279 episodes and 12 years, The Big Bang Theory is entrance to an finish on May 16th. The expel and organisation got together for a final tapings yesterday, and as approaching it was an romantic event. 

The two-part final partial was taped in dual opposite locations. The initial was achieved live, like usual, in front of a studio audience. In between takes Kaley Cucoco took time to suffer time with a audience, and Johnny Galecki even took time to goofus around on theatre personification atmosphere guitar and laughing. Galecki did residence a throng before a final theatre was shot however, observant it was “a dream come loyal for all of us.” Shedding tears as he spoke, Galecki continued with “You’ve been a best fans for 12 years. You are a partial of a family, and we adore we really much.” Cucoco combined ‘The Big Bang Theory will live on in a hearts forever. It’s so honeyed and simple, and it’s so true.”

The expel afterwards changed on to a sound theatre during Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank to film a final episode. This of march will assistance forestall leaks from function as to how all ends up. It also could meant that a final partial doesn’t take place in a common locations. We’ll only have to wait until May 16th to find out. 

Photo: Kaley Cucoco Instagram