Published On: Wed, Apr 14th, 2021

John Lennon protesting with Yoko Ono in never-before-seen video before Beatles split | Music | Entertainment

The Bed-In began in earnest on March 25, 1969 just a few days after the video was shot, and lasted two weeks.

The protest also took place in the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, before they moved to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

Speaking about the idea behind the Bed-In, John said: “We knew whatever we did was going to be in the papers. We decided to utilise the space we would occupy anyway, by getting married, with a commercial for peace.

“We would sell our product, which we call peace. And to sell a product you need a gimmick, and the gimmick we thought was bed. And we thought bed because bed was the easiest way of doing it, because we’re lazy.”

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