Law Firms Are Dropping The Ball On Contract Management

Contracts are the lifeblood of business obligations.

Yet, law firms and businesses often just wing it, when it comes to contract management; in fact, 83% of law firms do not use contract management software.

In this episode of the Non-Eventcast, we talk over the essential importance of contract management software, with four experts in the field.

We discuss the features of case management software (14:03), and how those systems can increase efficiency for both law firms and businesses.

We also talk over how contract management software promotes collaborative work, which can be a boon for younger attorneys (20:35).

Lastly, everybody gets in on a conversation about top system features (22:45), and the future of contract management software (23:58). 

If your contract management process leaves a lot to be desired, this is a show you won’t want to miss. And download our buyers guide at the Non-Event or with the form at the bottom of this post to see how easy an upgrade can be. 



  • Who are the guests? – 1:19
  • What do they do on Halloween? – 3:19
  • Why is it important for law firms to use contract management software? – 8:07
  • Once you start automating and start using contract management software, you free up time and are able to focus on other tasks. – 12:08
  • Features of a Contract Management Software. – 14:03
  • There’s more focus on collaborative work: Younger attorneys are more open to collaboration. – 20:35
  • The biggest shift or feature that you’ll start to see is the usability of the product that you want to use. – 22:45
  • The future of Contract Management Software. – 23:58
    Contracts are written for people to understand. – 30:46


    • Connect with Jared Correia
    • Connect with the Rik Nauta, Will Reynolds, Jerry Levine and Kevin Miller