Omicron Covid-19 variant: List of countries with confirmed cases

Soon after the World Health Organisation declared Omicron as a ‘Variant of Concern’, several countries imposed travel bans against South Africa. Amid the new variant’s fear, countries began stepping up testing, vaccinations and restrictions.

The United Kingdom has so far confirmed 22 cases of the Omicron variant with links to travel from southern Africa. The two persons tested with the new variant and their family members were asked to self-isolate.

Australia, too, confirmed seven cases of the highly infectious variant. The health department of New South Wales said both persons were asymptomatic and fully vaccinated. Last week, Australia had imposed restrictions on people who have been to nine southern African countries.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands detected around 16 cases of the new Covid variant in passengers traveling from South Africa, the Dutch health authorities have confirmed. While Denmark has recorded four cases of the variant in travelers from South Africa, Scotland has logged six cases, among which some were not linked to flights from southern Africa which waved red flags for local transmission.

Israel, after one case of the new “potentially dangerous” strain was found in a traveler returning from Malawi, it banned all foreigners traveling to Israel, becoming the first country to take such a step. Israel has so far recorded a total of 4 Omicron cases. Germany has confirmed 9 cases that have been tested positive with the variant.

Canada confirmed six cases of Omicron Covid-19 variant, among which two had traveled from Nigeria.

Japan registered two cases of Omicron in a passemger who recently arrived from Namibia, according to an official. As a precaution, Japan has announced a total ban on all foreign visitors which will tentatively continue till 2021.

Recently, the United States has also confirmed its first known Omicron in a fully vaccinated person in California who had travelled to South Africa. According to Dr Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious disease official, the infected person was fully vaccinated but was without a booster shot. The Biden administration urged vaccinated people to get booster shots after their initial doses. Five more cases were detected in New York.

Here’s a list of countries where the variant has been found:

1. Botswana – 19 cases
2. South Africa – 77 cases
3. Nigeria – Three cases
4. United Kingdom – 22 cases
5. South Korea – Five cases
6. Australia – Seven cases
7. Austria – One case
8. Belgium – One case
9. Brazil – Three cases
10. Czech Republic – One case
11. France – One case
12. Germany – Nine cases
13. Hong Kong – Four cases
14. Israel – Four cases
15. Italy – Nine cases
16. Japan – Two cases
17. Netherlands – 16 cases
18. Norway – Two cases
19. Spain – Two cases
20. Portugal – 13 cases
21. Sweden – Three cases
22. Canada – Six cases
23. Denmark – Four cases

As compared to other variants, Omicron has an increased risk of reinfection and has more number of mutations, according to the WHO.