OneFour rapper celebrates jail release

A OneFour felon has distinguished his recover with a champagne building and glitzy new chain.

Member of a OneFour swat organisation Pio “YP” Misa has rejoined his bandmates after a two-year-long army in prison. He was jailed over several charges including forward disgusting corporeal mistreat after a aroused stoush during a Carousel Inn during Rooty Hill in 2018.

During his sentencing in 2019, a Sydney District Court listened Misa, now 21, was with a organisation of immature organisation when they became concerned in an evidence with dual other organisation in a pub’s pokies room.

He wore a new sequence during a celebrations. Picture: Instagram.
Aftermath of a 2018 attack. Picture: Supplied.

Misa pulled a chair leg out from underneath his garments and strike one of a men, Anthony Hayward, twice in a behind of a head. Mr Hayward corroborated divided before Misa strike him for a third time.

In sentencing, Justice James Bennett described a behind and onward between a dual groups as “racial comments, maybe fluctuating to slurs”.

Horrific CCTV prophesy showed a border of a attack.

As of Dec 4, 2021, his time behind bars had finished and a celebration ensued.

Misa was filmed smiling and shouting with his friends after earning parole.

At a party, he filled adult a building of eyeglasses with champagne while wearing a adorned new chain.

The sequence had YP, that he goes by, and 14 engraved on it.

The rappers have regularly pronounced their song organisation has zero to do with a western Sydney squad that goes by a same name.

Tensions between a swat organisation and military were high during 2019 when NSW Police regularly close down their shows.

The organisation responded angrily, pity rants online about a decisions.

“It’s fight opposite a feds right now – we tryna get outta a hood. These guys hatred saying us do good and it’s a contrition though f**k what anyone thinks,” they wrote.

Last week, a organisation announced a termination of their inhabitant debate after claiming a military put vigour on venues.

They announced a termination on amicable media, suggesting they had been “banned” from personification in their possess country.

“Our whole inhabitant debate has now been cancelled. Our fans have never caused any emanate during a concerts. So because can’t we see us perform?” OneFour pronounced on amicable media.


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