Published On: Fri, May 7th, 2021

Sophie Wessex parenting: Royal shows ‘sign of comfort’ towards her children

, is a senior working member of the . She will often appear with her husband when attending events and engagements, but also has her own interests in various charities and organisations. What is her parenting like?

Analysing a photo of Sophie and Lady Louise when they visited the Girlguiding head office in 2016, the expert suggested that the royal shows signs of protectiveness towards her daughter.

She said: “You can see Sophie has her feet pointing forward, but her torso is turned towards her daughter.

“This shows a protectiveness towards her.

“The hand on her upper back is a reassurance to her daughter.”

The family-of-four are rarely seen out together, with one visit last year to Southsea Beach to partake in the beach clean.

Scarlett explained: “You can see the Countess is doing the opposite with her body.

“Her feet are point toward her brood but the torso turns slightly outward. This is a relaxed and happy pose.

“The feet pointing in show her contentment with her family, and she is leaning in slightly which shows her closeness to her family.”

The most recent time the family were out in public together was when they attended Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

Sophie and her two children stood watching Prince Edward and other Royal Family members as the procession took place.

The Countess can be seen standing in the middle of Lady Louise and James Viscount with her hands on their backs.

Scarlett continued: “She has her hands on both of her children’s shoulders. This again is a sign of comfort and reassurance to her children.

“Her stance is showing a united front to the outside world, and yet underneath this shows the love and protection she has towards her children in their time of sorrow.”

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