Teen’s ‘ferocious’ attack killed mum

A reclusive Melbourne teen who stabbed his mother to death and tried to kill his grandmother and three-year-old sister penned a note saying he hated his family before the horrific attack.

The boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, spent the prior night playing video games and drinking sparkling wine in his bedroom.

The next day the then 15-year-old didn’t go to school and when his mother went to check on him, he attacked her with a knife he kept hidden.

His grandmother was downstairs and heard her daughter cry: “Darling why did you do that?”

The boy chased his mum downstairs but she managed to ring triple-zero before he turned the knife on his three-year-old sister and grandmother.

He stabbed his sister in the neck and abdomen, exposing her intestines, as his grandmother tried to shield the girl. The older woman was stabbed twice.

“Your attacks on all of them were ferocious,” Supreme Court Justice Christopher Beale said on Friday.

The teen had previously pleaded guilty to one count of murder and two of attempted murder.

The now 16-year-old had an undiagnosed major depressive episode and autism when he attacked his family in late 2020.

When police searched the house, they kicked down his bedroom door and found him typing at his computer. He stabbed himself several times before police pepper-sprayed him.

In two notes found on his computer, the boy wrote about his hatred towards his family.

“I used the remains of my self-control to not kill my family … I’ve had persistent thoughts of killing my family and really wanted to do it but in the end I ran away.”

He described himself as a “scumbag” and urged authorities not to look for him in the notes.

“I killed my family out of hatred, that is all I will say.”

He was jailed for 20 years and must serve at least 14 years – when he will be aged 29 – before he is eligible for parole.