Why AI’s Inroads Are Good For Your Practice

Artificial intelligence is already helping law firms, and AI will only continue to encroach on legal processes — but in a good way. 

That’s because machine learning and artificial intelligence are assistive technologies that supplement (not replace) an attorney’s role.

In this episode of the Non-Eventcast, we talk to Nick Whitehouse from Onit about artificial intelligence in legal practice. 

So naturally, Nick offers his impressions on the trailer for the Buzz Lightyear movie (4:05), before providing a working definition of AI (5:59).  

Then, Nick confirms that AI is not here for your jobs, attorneys (9:59).  

Finally, Nick takes some time to address current specific use cases for AI in law firms (14:52), before addressing the future of AI in legal tech (21:59).

Listen to find out just how machine learning can help lawyers to become more efficient. And if you’d like to explore how you can get ahead of your competitors by bringing AI into your workflow, download our free buyers guide with the form below.