Why father charged with daughter’s murder

A father who caused a dire mind damage to his toddler daughter, allegedly exceedingly impacting her peculiarity of life, has been charged with her murder some-more than a decade later.

WA Police pronounced a male severely assaulted his afterwards two-year-old daughter Teagan Jade Ferguson on Mar 12, 2005, causing her disgusting corporeal harm.

“The attack caused a plant to means a dire mind damage and rise countless ongoing health conditions, that directly impacted on her peculiarity of life,” military pronounced in a matter on Wednesday.

Ms Ferguson was in palliative caring from 2015 and died aged 18 in Perth Children’s Hospital on Jun 1 final year.

“It will be purported that a injuries perceived during a attack eventually led to her death,” military said.

The 40-year-old Carnarvon male has been charged with murder and will face Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on Jan 19.

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